June 2017 Cases

The following cases were approved by the HP Board on June 13, 2017:

  1. HP17-12 9 West Main Street – Request to: Replace the second floor windows
  2. HP17-13 318 East Main Street – Request to: 1) Rebuild the brick façade 2) Install new windows 3) Install a new front door
  3. HP17-14 East Main between Washington and D ST NE and on Caddo from East Main to 2nd Ave NE – Request to: 1) Remove and replace the existing walkway with brick pavers and concrete 2) Install new plantings in the bumpout planters 3) Install an irrigation system 4) Install new street lighting with underground wiring 5) Install new traffic signals 6) Create new brick crosswalks 7) Install a new down Main Street 8) Create a new round-a-bout at Main and Caddo
  4. HP17-15 101 West Main Street – Request to: 1) Replace all windows on the South and East side of the building 2) Paint the trim white
  5. HP17-16 103 West Main Street – Request to: Replace all of the second floor windows